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Assessing Deviance, Crime and Prevention in Europe
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Crimprev is a Coordination Action. Contrary to other more focussed FP6 instruments a Coordination Action is notsupposed to do any original research, but is expected to produce a European "added-value" through comparing results of research already done in various national contexts.

The starting point for Crimprev was §6.2.3 of the 2004-2005 work programme for priority 7 (Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-Based Society) of the 6th FP coming under the heading of Crime and criminalisation.

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The project involved 31 institutions from 10 European countries; and since some institutions had several participating entities, the effective number of partners was 36).

In order to cover the various issues mentioned in the call, we had structured the project around 5 thematic workpackages covering the different facets of the call. Each WP was under the responsibility of 2 persons.

The WPs were:

Factors of deviant behaviour (WP2, Pieter Spierenburg (Erasmus U.) and Laurent Mucchielli (Cesdip)

Criminalisation (WP3, Sonja Snacken (VUB) and Yves Cartuyvels (FUSL)

Perceptions of crime (WP4, Adam Crawford (U. Leeds) and André Lemaître (U. of Liège)

Informal economy (WP5, Johanna Shapland (U. of Sheffield) and Paul Ponsaers(RUG)

Public policies of prevention (WP6, Hugues Lagrange (OSC), and later Tim Hope (Keele) and Dario Melossi (U. of Bologna).

In addition, a 6th workpackage was especially designed to provide officials at various governmental levels, of methodological skills bearing on assistance in decision-making in the area of measurement and evaluation of public policies (WP7, Renée Zauberman (Cesdip) and Philippe Robert (Cesdip), with help from Amadeu Recasens and Anabel Rodriguez, from the Generality of Catalogna).

Over these 3 years, there have been 46 meetings in 27cities in Europe;

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These meetings have involved 470 individual participants, many of whom were not part of the initial consortium. In the end, people from 196 institutions and 31 countries were involved.

Apart from the "deliverables" laid down in the contract (available on this website) there is a wide range of other publications , in paper or electronic form, mostly in French and English, but also a few in other languages, ranging from single journal articles, to collections or even series of volumes (as in WP7), a number of which will be published after the end of the project. In the end, we will have published 18 edited books, 8 special journal issues, 24 chapters or  peer-reviewed articles in various other publications, 4 Crimprev brochures (both in French and English), 34 CrimprevInfo (both in French and English), and several reports and multimedia productions.  

See complete list under:

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