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Ivana Roche

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The third edition of "Intelligences Journal" includes a selection of presentations from the 3rd VSST Seminar in Ajaccio on May 24th and 25th 2012.

The article by Pino-Diaz et al. develops a method for mapping scientific and technical networks using analysis of graphs coupled with visualisation techniques from geographical information systems.

Lamirel's article studies the feasibility of using an unsupervised incremental approach for step-by-step time analysis. This is done with a specific data analysis model whose main feature is that it enables the management of multiple views of data.

Roche et al. discuss the evaluation of the application potential of a research project with an approach involving content analysis based on automatic language processing and classification.

Goria's work develops a hypothesis by when creative monitoring can be carried out by searching for particular indicators of innovation opportunities other than weak signals.

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